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Travel Guide to Torshavn, Faroe Islands


This is a major trading city located in the eastern part of Stirrup Island.


It was founded in the 10th century, and Vikings are considered its first settlers. The old Norse god of thunder Thor is known as the patron saint of Torshavn. The name of the city is the result of this fact.

Beautiful countryside and rich choice of historic monuments attract tourists to the city. People come to see old buildings and enjoy an unhurried walk in spacious alleys and parks. The streets of the city are full of small residential houses of different shapes and colors. The majority of them were built in the beginning of the 19th century.

The main street of the city is named Gongin. This is also the most beautiful street of the city full of buildings of 16 - 17 centuries. Many houses are still used for living, while the others have been converted into shops and museums. Start your sightseeing from a visit to Munkastovan Monastery located in the central part of T?rshavn.

This is quite a massive and heavy building, which was constructed in the 15th century. The monastery survived miraculously during a severe fire in 1673, which destroyed a third of the city. Nearby is located another prominent old building - the royal storehouse Leigub??in.

here are so many showrooms and museums in the city. The local Historical Museum exhibits a large collection of archeological and religious artifacts, models of ancient ships, agricultural implements and household items, as well as crafts and weapons of the Vikings.

There is also an open air museum, which is called Kurdalsvegur. This is a small farm, on which have been carefully designed and constructed typical buildings and other facilities of 13 - 14 centuries.

Fans of theater arts and music should not forget to visit the cultural center named Nordic House, which traditionally hosts classical music concerts, theatrical performances and art exhibitions.