Faroe Islands


Medicine and Health Care in the Faroe Islands

General practitioners are stationed in each of eleven medical districts. Specialized care is available at two small regional hospitals, at the main hospital in Torshavn, at two small regional hospitals, and in Denmark. Old and disabled people are cared for in nursing homes or with the help of visiting home-care providers.


Money, Currency and Cards in Faroe Islands

As a self-governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroese government prints its own currency, the króna, although Danish coins are used. The exchange value is equivalent to the Danish krone, and there is no service charge on exchange, as Danish notes are equally acceptable as the Faroese króna throughout the country.


Overview of Faroe Islands

Officially name: The Faroe Islands

Capital: Tórshavn

Largest city: Tórshavn

Official language: Faroese, Danish

Government: Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy