Tuvalu — Festivals and Events

Tuvalu has a very small population. In fact, its population numbers are only beaten by the Vatican City as the smallest populated sovereign nation in the world. This means there is not much opportunity for grand festivals, although when the Tuvaluans do come together, they put on a wonderful display of happiness. Most of the festivals are centered on traditional public holidays, such as New Year’s Day and Independence Day; although particularly unique holidays include Bomb Day and Hurricane Day.


Administrative divisions of Tuvalu

The Islands of Tuvalu consist of six atolls and reef islands. The smallest, Niulakita, was uninhabited until it was settled by people from Niutao in 1949.


Tuvalu Health Care and Vaccinations

Travellers are recommended to take out full medical insurance before departure. Tuvalu's only hospital is in Funafuti; the outer islands only have trained nurses. More serious and complicated problems may require medicinal evacuation to Fiji or Australia.