Cook Islands


Population of Cook Islands

By 2006 some 21,388 people were living in the Cook Islands, more than half of them on Rarotonga. But only 13,500 were permanent residents. About 51,000 live in New Zealand, 70 percent were born there, and 42 percent were under the age of 15. About 15,000 Cook Islanders live in Australia. With most of the population living away from the islands, efforts to preserve language and culture are underway in expatriate communities, as well as in the homeland.


Cook Islands: Festivals and Events

Discover a range of top festivals and events in the Cook Islands held to celebrate cultural or significant historical events, incluiding the following. . .


Cook Islands Climate

Cook Islands has two distinct seasons. The cooler season, from April to October, is dry and averages 20-26oC, with cool nights.