Myanmar Climate

Myanmar Climate
Myanmar has the effects of the Monsoon in different parts of the country. Temperature varies from 38°C to 19°C; humidity from 82.8% to 66%. The ideal time to visit Myanmar is during the cool season. However, rainfall in Bagan and Mandalay is very low, even in the rainy season.


Myanmar has three distinctive seasons; namely, hot (March to May with average temperatures 30-35°C), rainy (June to October with average temperatures 25-30°C) and cool (November to February with average temperatures 20-24°C).

Temperatures are generally lower in mountainous regions. The country receives practically all its rainfall between mid-May and October, the period of the Southwest Monsoon. Annual precipitation in most of Upper Burma averages about 890 mm (about 35 in) and in Lower Burma about 5080 mm (about 200 in).