Population of Swaziland

Swaziland's population is 1,419,623 according to the 2014 estimate from the CIA Factbook. The 2007 Census put the nation's population at 912,229. This number is lower than the 1997 Census, which gave 929,718 residents. The small difference is believed to be the result of massive emigration of Swazis to South Africa in search of work.


Regions of Swaziland

Swaziland is divided into four regions. These regions are subdivided into 55 tinkhundla. These, in turn, are divided into imiphakatsi.


Swaziland — Festivals and Events

The Ezulwini Valley hosts two of Swaziland’s most magnificent traditional festivals, neither of which has changed much during the past 200 years. Young girls cut and present reeds to Swaziland’s Queen Mother during the Umhlanga Reed Dance, held between August and September, while the Incwala Ceremony pays tribute to Swaziland’s royal family at Lobamba’s royal palace. Swaziland’s most popular performing arts festival, the Bushfire Festival, offers a far more modern atmosphere at the House of Fire nightclub each May.