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Rivers and lakes of Morocco


Morocco has the most extensive river system in North Africa. The principal rivers flowing south or westward into the Atlantic Ocean are the Rebia (555 kilometers/344 miles long), Sebou (Sebu; 500 kilometers/ 310 miles long), Bouregreg (250 kilometers/ 155 miles long), Tensift (270 kilometers/167 miles long), and Drâa (1,200 kilometers/744 miles long).


The Ziz and Rheris both flow south out of the Atlas Mountains into the heart of the Sahara. The Moulouya (Muluya) flows 560 kilometers (347 miles) northeast from the Atlas to the Mediterranean, making it the longest river in the country that consistently reaches the sea.

Lake Semara is in the Western Sahara. Lake Chiker, near Taza, is usually dry during the summer months. The Middle and High Atlas Mountains contain mountain lakes that reach impressive depths, including Tigalmamine (16 meters/53 feet); Sidi Ali (65 meters/213 feet); and Isti (95 meters/311 feet).