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Administrative divisions of Guinea


Guinea is divided into four natural regions with distinct human, geographic, and climatic characteristics:


Maritime Guinea (La Guinée Maritime) covers 18% of the country
Middle Guinea (La Moyenne-Guinée) covers 20% of the country
Upper Guinea (La Haute-Guinée) covers 38% of the country
Forested Guinea (Guinée Forestière) covers 23% of the country, and is both forested and mountainous

Guinea is divided into 8 administrative regions which are further subdivided into 34 prefectures.


Boké(Сapital:Boké, Area:31,186km2, Population:1,081,445)
Conakry(Сapital:Conakry, Area:450km2, Population:1,667,864)
Faranah(Сapital:Faranah, Area:35,581km2, Population:942,733)
Kankan(Сapital:Kankan, Area:72,145km2, Population:1,986,329)
Kindia(Сapital:Kindia, Area:28,873km2, Population:1,559,185)
Labé(Сapital:Labé, Area:22,869km2, Population:995,717)
Mamou(Сapital:Mamou, Area:17,074km2, Population:732,117)
Nzérékoré(Сapital:Nzérékoré, Area:37,658km2, Population:1,663,582)