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Suriname Attractions


Suriname is the smallest country in South America. It has one international airport, which is located around 50 kilometers from Paramaribo, the capital of the country.


The official language of the country is Dutch, but you will be able to hear other languages like English, Amerindian dialects, and Surinaams, which is a dialect of Hindi.The biggest attraction of Suriname is its natural beauty, and its tropical rainforest. 

However, the country has a rich wealth of culture and history that are worth exploring. It goes without saying that your trip to Suriname will start from Paramaribo. So, take time to enjoy the city with its unique blend of South American and North European cultures. You can take a river boat tour to see more of the inland and the rainforests.

You should not miss a trip to Moengo, which is the bauxite mining hub of the country, and Nieuw Nickerie, which is the second largest city in Suriname, and it is also the agricultural belt of the country. No trip to Suriname is complete without hiking up Mount Kasikasima. In fact, this hike is one of the main Suriname attractions that draws thousands of tourists each year.

The hike to Mount Kasikasima is an adventure by itself. It will take 12 days and 11 nights camping trip to check out the 12 peaks of the mountain. You will be camping in the rainforest, and will pass a sacred waterfall. This is definitely not a trip for those who fear the great outdoors. However, you can choose shorter trips that are less adventurous. You can opt for fishing tours or birdwatching. There are many spots in Suriname that are popular with bird watching enthusiasts. Also, you can watch sea turtles at the Galibi Nature Reserve.

If you are planning on seeing Suriname attractions, make sure you plan your visit during the dry season. This is during February through end of April, and from August to beginning of December. This way you will be able to enjoy the beauty and delights this awesome country has to offer.