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List of rivers of Trinidad and Tobago


This is a list of rivers of Trinidad and Tobago. Tributaries are indented under each larger stream's name.



North Coast (Caribbean Sea)[change | change source]
Yarra River
Marianne River
Shark River

East Coast (Atlantic Ocean)

Maturita River
North Oropouche River
Quare River
Cunapo River
Nariva River
Navet River
Ortoire River
Poole River
South Coast (Atlantic Ocean)
Moruga River
Pilote River

West Coast (Gulf of Paria)

Chaguaramas River
Diego Martin River
Maraval River
Caroni River
Santa Cruz River
Maracas River
San Juan River
St. Joseph River
Tunapuna River
Tacarigua River (Caura River)
Arouca River
Oropuna River
Mausica River
Arima River
Talparo River
Tumpuna River
Guanapo River
El Mamo River
Aripo River
Cumuto River
Guayamare River
Cunupia River
Caparo River
Honda River
Couva River
Guaracara River
Tarouba River
Cipero River
South Oropouche River
Guapo River


North Coast (Caribbean Sea)

Courland River
Coffee River
Castara River
Bloody Bay River

South Coast 

Bacolet River
Sandy River
Hillsborough West River
Hillsborough East River
Goldsborough River
Richmond River (Great Dog River)
Belle River
Roxborough River
Queens River
Kings Bay River