Administrative divisions of Iraq

The main subdivision in Iraq is the 18 muhafazah, also known as governorates or provinces. Before 1976 they were called liwas, or banner).


Iraq holidays and festivals

The people of Iraq celebrate several holidays throughout the year. They start the year of by celebrating New Years or " Christian" New Year on January 1st. In large cities of Iraq, social clubs are packed on New Year's Eve and parties are thrown. It is a tradition for young people to stand out in the streets and make a lot of noise to " express themselves" during the early hours of New Years Day.


Iraq Cuisine

Iraqi cuisine has changed and evolved since the time of the Babylonians, Sumerians and Assyrians. The cuisine has been influenced by those ancient civiliSations, which also had influence Greek and Persian cuisines. With the coming of Islam and the spread of Arab culture, which influenced the region, the food was enhanced to combine old and new sets of tastes.