Alcogolic drinking in Tunisia

Alcogolic drinking in Tunisia
Attitude towards alcohol in Tunisia is very loyal. There is even a strong national drink, which is rarely found in Islamic countries. The rules of alcohol trade in Tunisia are quite tough and confusing.


The main feature of Tunisia for drinking tourists

The level of alcohol quality in Tunisia is "higher" than in Egypt or Turkey. Strong alcohol in Egypt in general is difficult to drink to most tourists, unless it is diluted with a "horse" portion of juice or soda. In Turkey, people are poisoned with methyl alcohol, which clearly indicates its origin from the tanks of chemical plants.

In Tunisia, excellent wines, good strong drinks and delicious liqueurs. With beer here the situation is worse.

Rules for the importation of alcohol into the territory of Tunisia

You can bring into the country 1 liter of strong alcohol or 2 liters of other alcoholic drinks per person. Drinks with an ethanol content of more than 25% are considered strong.