Religion in Ghana

Ghana is a Christian-majority country, 68.8% of the population are Christians, predominantly Presbyterians, Methodists and Roman Catholics. Islam, predominantly Sunni, is the religion of 15.9% of the population and traditional African religions are followed by 8.5% of Ghana's people. Less than 0.1% of Ghana's inhabitants are Buddhists.


Climate of Ghana

The climate of Ghana is tropical. The eastern coastal belt is warm and comparatively dry, the south-west corner of Ghana is hot and humid, and the north of Ghana is hot and dry. Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea, only a few degrees north of the Equator, giving it a warm climate.


Administrative divisions of Ghana

The administrative divisions of the Republic of Ghana consist of four geographic terrestrial plains; ten regions divided into six metropolitan assemblies; and 55 municipal assemblies subdivided into a total of 212 districts, each with its own district assembly. Various types of council then exist beyond districts, including 58 town or area councils; 108 zonal councils; and 626 area councils. Finally, there are sixteen-thousand unit committees.