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Burundi Tourist Attractions


One of the poorest countries in the world, but with great potential for tourism in equatorial Africa remains attractions in Burundi. Actually Buruntsi is the smallest in area country on the continent. In the country there are not many sources of water, except for Lake Tanganyika. Population increases in recent years.


People in the region are engaged in agriculture and permanently cut equatorial forests. This leads to soil erosion, frequent landslides and impoverishment of the earth. Reduction and disappearance of wildlife in this beautiful country in the past is a fact. Burundi is one of the central plateau with an average altitude of 1700 meters.

Government to take measures to protect wildlife, but faces many difficulties and incomprehension of horata.Imenno therefore there are several national parks which are the main attractions in Burundi. Two are the largest national parks. Kibira National Park and Rurubu National park. They were discovered in 1982 and to some extent the problem is solved with the protection of flora and fauna in Burundi.

It may seem ridiculous compared to the other countries in the region, but the number of tourists visiting Burundi has only 25,000 people.