Overview of Cayman Islands

Overview of Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. The territory comprises the 3 islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. It is considered a part of the geographic Western Caribbean Zone. The territory is a major world offshore financial centre.


Capital and largest city: George Town

Official language: English

Ethnic groups: 40% Afro-European, 20% European, 20% African, 20% other

Demonym: Caymanian

Government: British Overseas Territory
- Monarch Queen Elizabeth II
- Governor Duncan Taylor
- Premier McKeeva Bush

Legislature: Legislative Assembly

- Split from Jamaica 1962

- Total 264 km2 (217th)
- Water (%) 1.6


  • Census 64,420
  • Density 212 /km2 (549.1/sq mi) (59th)

Currency: Cayman Islands dollar (KYD)

Time zone: (UTC-5)
- Summer (DST) not observed (UTC-5)

Drives on the left

Internet TLD: .ky

Calling code: +1-345