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Districts of the British Virgin Islands


The five administrative subdivisions mentioned on some web pages may just be planning regions, without much administrative relevance:


1.Anegada(Main town:The Settlement,Area:38.6km2,204)
2.Jost Van Dyke(Main town:Great Harbour (Jost Van Dyke),Area:8.3km,Population:2176)
3.Tortola(Main town:Road Town,Area:59.2km216,Population:630)
4.Virgin Gorda(Main town:Spanish Town,Area:21.2km23,Population:063)
5.Other Islands(Main town:Great Harbour (Peter Island),Area:23.7km2Population:181)

The "Other Islands" are mainly the islands south of Tortola (separated from it by the Sir Francis Drake Channel and southwest of Virgin Gorda and detached Ginger Island, mainly Norman Island, Peter Island, Cooper Island and Salt Island. These islands are also known under the informal name Little Sisters or Southern Islands.