Religion in Oman

The religion of Oman is Islam, but Oman is a special case being the only country in the world where neither Sunni nor Shi'i dominates, rather the smaller branch of Ibadism.


Omani Food

Food in Oman is mainly a question of eating to live, rather than living to eat. The country’s culinary traditions offer an interesting blend of Arabian and Indian influences, although the stuff served up in most local cafes and restaurants generally consists of a predictable selection of shwarmas and biryanis, with maybe a few other Middle Eastern meze and grills or Indian curries. Honourable exceptions exist, of course, but outside Muscat, good places to eat are few and far between.


Traditions of Oman: The Omani Wedding

A wedding is always one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life, but in Oman it’s never just about bringing two people together to start their lives anew, it’s about bring two families and sometimes two villages together and binding them in one of the strongest bonds ever known for a lifetime!