Elite Cult of every nation goes to Singapore once in their life celebrating the Valentines Day. Singapore is an island city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is the 5th wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita. This famous shopping destination is also considered as the city of love and romance. Long before Valentines Day, Singapore shopping world will be prepared for it. Singapore is the smallest nation in Southeast Asia.

It is substantially larger than Monaco and Vatican City, the only other surviving sovereign city-states. Singapore in old days was invaded by many foreign forces, thus their culture got heavily influence by those Colonizations. Generally, Singapore People have great admiration for all kind of music, oriental art and historical romance. Valentines Day in Singapore comes usually with the Chinese New Year festivities.

Valentines Day Traditions in Singapore

Even though the main motive of Valentines Day celebration is to honor Saint Valentine, people consider this day as lovers day in Singapore. Its believed that on the 15th day of the event unmarried women who wish to find their life partners gather near the Singapore River in the dark night to throw Mandarin oranges into the river by hoping their soul mates will meet them. The shopping malls, elegant hotels and spa resorts also make efforts to make this occasion more eventful by announcing attractive holiday packages for young couples desiring to spend an intimate romantic weekend.

Valentines Day festival in Singapore is truly a grand affair with traditional events like weeklong music carnivals, fashion shows and scintillating extravagant night shows held at popular pubs and hotels of the capital city. In Valentines Day, Singapore people will look forward to tie the knot. A lot of other social functions will be held on this day. The prestigious hotels, shopping malls and spa resorts make great festival arrangements for the Valentines celebrations. Singapore Valentines Day is a grand event with the conglomeration of the traditional events like weeklong music carnivals, and modern popular events such as fashion shows, and night shows.

One can see umpteen numbers of boys and girls walking through on the sleek streets of Singapore in an air of romance on the Valentines Day. Each and every gift shops will be prepared for Valentines Day, much before the actual date. Red roses and red tulips will available in almost every flower shop by the streets. They also make a fortune out of the Valentines Day. Pubs and disco bars are flooded with youngsters on the day. Singapore youngsters usually follow the western tradition of Valentines Day. Make up items and designer outfits sell like hot cakes in Singapore on this day. Fun games and competitions are also arranged for people in shopping malls. Live music concerts are also prime attractions on Singapore Valentines Day.