New Zealand is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It is a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons on human development, quality of life, public education, life expectancy, literacy, peace, prosperity and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. It is observed that the majority of New Zealand's population is of European descent. English and Maori are ranked as the official languages in New Zealand while English is the most spoken language.

The Exotic and Panoramic landscape of New Zealand has made it a favorite location of Hollywood filmmakers including the Academy Award winner Peter Jackson. Major films such as peter Jackson's 'the Lord of the Rings trilogy' and Akira Kurosawa's 'the The Last Samurai'. New Zealand also has money spinning wine industry which is ranked as '12th most valuable export' of the country in 2007. Kiwis celebrate the Valentine's Day with sheer spirit of romance. New Zealand celebrates the valentines' day on February 14th as many countries all over the world.

Valentine's Day Traditions in New Zealand

As in the other part of the world, New Zealand also celebrates the Valentine's Day to honor the great Saint. Valentine. There are a lot of myths behind the Valentine's Day and its origin but the martyrdom of St.valentine is the most believable of them. New Zealand youngsters and adults celebrate the festival with much vigor and joy. This is one of the festivals which are popular in the whole country. New Zealand's Valentine's Day is almost celebrated in an American style. The cities of New Zealand will be wearing the look of romance long before the arrival of Valentine's Day. Youngsters wander the streets with hand in hand and smile on faces.

Gifts are very important factors for a Valentine's day. They are considered to be the symbols and expressions of love. New Zealand people see Valentine's Day as a day which allows expressing your feeling for the woman/man in their life. So they exchange gifts like flowers, chocolate candies, candles and gift basket which have numerous romantic things in it. People exchange red rose bouquets as an ancient and long living symbol of their love. The street shops in New Zealand cities will be selling thousands of flower bouquets on the day. Youngsters exchange gift baskets on the day with chocolate candies and candles. Each gifts basket contains many valentine greeting cards in them. Lovers may write love messages themselves or they depend on the printed romantic verse in the cards.

New Zealand climate is romantic for almost all season because it never bothers people much. At the same time, the place has a lot of exotic locales to wander and watch. Lovers get into the best outfits on this day and wander the streets to make their day hilarious. Cafes and restaurants will be flooded with youngsters on this day. Kiwi restaurants offer very economic as well as romantic offers on this day. They offer delicious menu and nice space for valentines to have a fun time. Mild music plays in the interiors of the restaurants add extra romance to the precious time of lovers on this day. New Zealand Hoteliers are also smart enough to offer nice packages for the lovers on the Valentine's Day.