The Republic of Iceland is a European island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The status of Iceland in world power structure is steady and stable as a developed and technologically advanced country. The country's cultural extravaganza includes traditional Icelandic cuisine, the nation's poetry, and the medieval Icelandic Sagas. In recent decades, Iceland has been one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the world. Its capital and largest city is Reykjavik, whose surrounding area happens to be the home to two-thirds of the whole national population.

Reykjavik was ranked for the first position in Grist Magazine's "15 Greenest Cities" list Reykjavik is a city of celebration which celebrates the events such as prettadinn, thorinn, dark music days, music night and food fun. Along with these mega events Iceland people celebrate valentine's day also with merry and excitement. The beautiful beaches and nostalgic boulevards make Iceland a perfect place for celebrating a great Valentine's day.

Valentine's Day Traditions in Iceland

Valentine's Day celebrations in Iceland are celebrated with minimal functions unlike in other developed western countries or developing eastern countries. As it is in anywhere, flowers make their appearance on the hands of people on Valentine's Day in Iceland. It is mostly celebrated as a lover's day in Iceland. Young people will exchange flower bouquets to express their love feelings for each other. As Max Muller said 'A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.' Therefore, red roses and tulips rocks all the way to Iceland streets on a Valentine's day. Men are the hot customers of a flower bouquet in Iceland. Online stores also offer well designed flower bouquets for Iceland valentines.

Greeting card is the other attraction of Valentine's Day in Iceland. Gift shops in Iceland use to fill in Valentine's cards and other gifts far before the Valentines' day. These cards will be printed in multi colors and innovative designs. Usually the printed love messages in those cards often create a wow factor in the customer's face. Valentine's Day dinner and dance parties take place in the capital city 'Reykjavík', to celebrate the occasion. Even if candle light dinner is an old Valentine's idea, people still follows it in this modern era, in Iceland. Apart from enjoying the Valentine's in pubs and lounges, many couples arrange private celebrations such as Champagne parties in homes and farm houses.

Some people goes to Icelandic turf houses to express their love in an nostalgic mood. These turf houses are a part of the Iceland culture because untill 20the century vast majority of the Icelanders lived in turfs in rural areas. E-cards is the new trend in Iceland Valentine's day. People from different cities send their valentines E-card on the day to express their love. The youngsters of Iceland enjoy the day with innovative gift ideas such as photo story albums Musical CDs, DVDs, High-Fi mobile phones. Mostly, women are the major customers of electronic gadgets on Valentine's Day because these gadgets are considered to be men's gifts.