Where the jobs are? (10. Campbell County, WY)

10. Campbell County, WY

Towns include: Gillette
Job growth (2000-2010): 43.9%

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Coal is king in Campbell County. The region is located in the Powder River Basin, the source of about 40% of all the black stuff consumed in the U.S. The area is also rich in natural gas and oil deposits, which is why Campbell calls itself the "Energy Capital of the Nation."

Mines directly account for a third of all jobs in the area. Major employers include Peabody Energy, Arch Coal and Cloud Peak Energy. Like the rest of the nation, Campbell County was hit hard by the Great Recession, but with energy prices on the rise, jobs are edging back up.

Since the local economy is so tied to rising and falling mineral prices, business and community leaders in Campbell County are looking ahead. They`ve created a five-year plan to attract new industries and help develop small businesses with a series of incentives and tax breaks.



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