Where the jobs are? (7. DeSoto County, MS)

7. DeSoto County, MS

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Towns include: Hernando, Olive Branch, Southaven
Job growth (2000-2010): 48.2%

Jobs are heading down the Mighty Mississippi to DeSoto County. Located just below the Tennessee border, the area is attracting businesses with lucrative tax breaks and incentives.

Distribution centers are a popular venture here. Pharmaceutical giant McKesson is building a $120 million hub in Olive Branch (moving 300 jobs from nearby Memphis). Appliance maker Hamilton Beach also is setting one up, relocating more than 100 jobs from Memphis. Then there`s lighting tech manufacturer Siemens Industry, which brought about 150 jobs to a new center.

DeSoto County likes to brag that it`s become home to more than 200 new and expanding businesses with more than 10,000 added jobs over the last ten years. That`s helped keep unemployment in the county at an impressively low 8.3%, well under the state`s 11% overall jobless rate.



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