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Valentine's Day in India

Valentine's Day is not new phenomenon for India. Indians celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th with the sheer spirit of love. Indian media promote Valentine's Day in a big way that people take it as a custom. Indian men and women express their love towards their beloved ones on this day. Valentine's Day is not just considered as a lover's day in India. Even, families in India celebrate this day with their friends and relatives. In Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore the nightlife seems to be alive than ever on Valentine's Day. In Pune, people are seen in various hang out places in the city having great fun and celebrating the day of love with their lovers or families. Goa remains to be the hub for extravagant Valentine's celebrations. It's a coincidence that the book of love `Kama sutra' is written in India and India welcomes anything which expresses love. Read on the article to know more about India's Valentine's Day celebrations.