Easter in Armenia

  • 2736

Easter (Zatik) is the favourite and the most anticipated holiday in the Christian world. Everybody greets each other on this day: ďChrist has arisen"-ďBlessed is the resurrection of Christ".

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During the Lenten fasting season of 40 days before Easter, Armenian families put lentils or other sprouting grains on a tray covered with a thin layer of cotton, and keep it in a light place of the house until Easter when sprouts appear.

These green sprouts, symbolizing spring and awakening of nature, are the ďgrass" on which people place colored eggs to decorate the Easter table.

To the present day, Armenians have preserved the beautiful biblical lore which refers to red eggs and cheorek (sweet bread): ďWhen Christ was crucified, his mother took some eggs and bread wrapped in the shawl.

When the Mother saw her Son crucified and his arms bleeding, she knelt down and cried.

The Motherís tears and Sonís blood dropping on the shawl colored the eggs and bread.

Then the Mother put the shawl on her head. Since that day people began coloring eggs red on Easter day and women began wearing shawls when visiting church.