Administrative divisions of the Gambia

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The Gambia is divided into eight Local Government Areas, including the national capital, Banjul, which is classified as a city. The Divisions of the Gambia were created by the Independent Electoral Commission in accordance to Article 192 of the National Constitution.

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Banjul LGA (city)(Area:12.2km2, Population:31,301, apital:Banjul)
Kanifing LGA(Area:75.6 km2, Population:382,096 Kanifing)
Brikama LGA(formerly Western)(Area:1,764.3km2, Population:699,704, apital:Brikama)
Mansakonko LGA(formerly Lower River)(Area:1,628.0km2,82,381, apital:Mansakonko)
Kerewan LGA(formerly North Bank)(Area:2,255.5km2, Population:221,054, apital:Kerewan)
Kuntaur LGA(formerly the western half of Central River Division)(Area:1,466.5km2, Population:99,108, apital:Kuntaur)
Janjanbureh LGA(formerly the eastern halfof Central River Division)(Area:1,427.8km2, Population:126,910, apital:Janjanbureh)
Basse LGA(formerly Upper River)(Area:2,069.5km2, Population:239,916, apital:Basse Santa Su)