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Пасха в Испании

Есть в Испании немало городов и деревень, где празднование Святой Недели и Пасхи проходит настолько оригинально и необычно, что они признаны как представляющие Всемирный Туристический Интерес и занесены во все туристические гиды мира. Давайте познакомимся с некоторыми из них.


Easter traditions in Spain

A major festival after Christmas, Easter is celebrated throughout the world with much pomp and fanfare by the Christian community. The holiday observes the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, after He was crucified on Good Friday. Apart from festivity and celebrations, the occasion also stands for one’s faith in goodness and religion. The day welcomes the spring season after the end of the Lent period. The Spanish celebrate the true meaning of Easter in a bigger way than most other European countries. Somber processions are carried out where robed and hooded penitents carry heavy religious statues through the streets.