Language and population of Poland

  • 1866

According to the estimates of Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), at the end of 2007 Poland had a population of 38,115,000, which translates into average population density of 122 people/km² (urban 1105 per 1 km², rural 50 per 1 km²). 61.5% of Polish population lives in the urban areas, a number which is slowly diminishing.

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Poland is the 33rd most populous country in the world (9th in Europe, with 5.4% of European population).

Total population of Poland is almost stagnant (population growth was 0,08%). Average life expectancy was 70.5 for men and 78.9 for women.

In 2009 it is expected to be 73.1 for men and 79.5 for women. Population distribution is uneven. From ethnic perspective, Poland is very homogeneous, with 96.7% of population being Polish.

The main language spoken in Poland is Polish. The following languages are spoken as well:



Romani languages: Romani Vlax, Romani Carpathian, Romani Sinte, Baltic Romani