Coffee in France

Coffee is an international drink of choice in different countries with divergent cultures, tastes, and traditions. Although it enjoys universal popularity, every culture has developed its own ways of making, serving, and drinking coffee.

Climate of France

With the exception of the mountainous regions and Alsace (northeast), Frances climate is generally temperate.

Brittany in the northwest is profoundly affected by the Atlantic, which makes it an often windy, rainy region. Because of its continental climate, Alsace sees hot summers with rain in June and July, and snowy winters.

The 10 Most Educated Countries In The World

by Kira / October 25, 2014 | 00:38

While once, education was the privilege of the wealthy historically, the wealthy men to be more accurate countries across the globe have improved access to basic education over the years. The total number of children who drop out of school has seen a reduction of 47 million since 1999, so things are looking positive; but millions still lack basic education and the advantages that learning brings. At the start of this decade, over 130 million teens and kids worldwide were outside of the education system: a concerning fact, given that individuals who lack education have limited resources and opportunities. The lack of access to basic education means less progress, less financial stability and a less sustainable country.

Top 10 Cities for Shopaholics

by old Best Country / March 21, 2014 | 03:34

If your heart starts palpitating at the mere sight of a ?sale' sign, or if you`ve been known to elbow other shoppers out of the way for getting between you and those must-have boots, this list is for you. We've rounded up the world`s 10 best cities for shopaholics for those of you who plan your vacations with retail therapy built in s whether you're in the market for high fashion, fancy baubles, or even an unusual pet, we've got a destination for you. So pay off some credit card debt and hit the road s but don't blame us when the bills come in.

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