Fiji Events

Fiji is known for its natural beauty, tropical setting, and its friendly residents. However, many visitors love traveling when they can join in with the various Fiji events or Fiji festivals that occur throughout the year. Every town in the Fiji Islands have their own weeklong Fijian festival at different times but the two most popular are the Bula Festival and the Hibiscus Festival.

All about Kava or Yaqona Drinking in Fiji

Perhaps nothing reflects the Fijians reverence for tradition like yaqona (kava) drinking. Visit any Fijian village or home, particularly on a weekend, and you will probably come upon the spectacle of a family sitting on the floor around a large wooden bowl filled with a muddy-coloured liquid, drinking the contents from half a coconut shell. You will then be asked, E dua na bilo? (`Try a cup?).

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